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What is your program?

In all areas of ministry we will remain flexible to meet the needs God puts before us. While we seek to provide structure and meet real needs, we stay open to the leading of the Holy Spirit as He directs us in reaching people for Christ.


Where are you?

We are based out of Atlanta, GA.


Are you a nonprofit?

Yes. We received 501(c)(3) nonprofit status in December 2007. Please send your tax-deductible contributions to Connect Missions / P.O. Box 70984 / Marietta, GA 30007.


Are you a mission-sending organization?

We serve missionaries. We do not recruit, prepare, and send out international missionaries under the umbrella of Connect Missions. However, we do recommend that missionaries serve under a mission-sending organization and we can recommend some good ones.


What denomination are you?

At Connect Missions, we love the Church. We are supported by and work with churches of various denominational backgrounds. While denominational affiliations and statements of faith are important, we seek to see where God is at work and join Him where He calls us. Our desire is to promote and work alongside of this 2000 year old organism that Christ created and left, under the direction of the Holy Spirit, to carry out His Mission in the world.


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