Prayer 4-8

Below is a list of all prayers that have been posted to

St. Augustine / Christ Be Behind Me

St. Augustine’s Prayer to the Holy Spirit

St. Apollonius

St. Richard Chichester

Adam Suter – A Gracious Prayer

Amidst difficulties; breaking the cycle of hatred and bitterness

Appreciating what we have in common with others

A Christmas Prayer

A Heart to Love Thee, Ambrose of Milan

A Prayer of Commitment

A Prayer of Enlightment

A Prayer of Guidance

A Prayer of Love

A Prayer of Service

A Prayer of Worthiness

A Prayer for Discipleship

A Prayer for Resting in God

A Prayer for Strength of Faith During Difficult Times

A Prayer for Your Church

A Prayer for Being Grateful

A Prayer For The Needy

A Simple Prayer

Accepting and Forgiveness in the scriptures

Amanda Carroll – Courage

Amanda Carroll – Confidence

Andrew Murray

Anima Christi

An Indian Benediction

Bede Jarrett – Courage to accompany you, Lord

Charles Kingsley

Christ Be Below Me

C.H. Spurgeon – Spirit of the Living God

C.H. Spurgeon – Blessed ordinance of prayer

Come, Holy Spirit

Daily Moments With God

Dietrich Bonhoffer – I Cannot Do This Alone

Easter Prayer

Edward Pusey


Ephrem-Lenten Prayer


Father, Thank You

Francis of Assisi’s in Praise of God

Francis of Assisi’s Prayer

Gelasian Sacramentary

Giving praise because they do what they were created to do

God’s Love and Our Concern

Gregory The Great’s Easter Prayer

Growing Closer To You Who Are Love

Helen Steiner Rice – My Prayer

Helen Steiner Rice – My Daily Prayer

Helen Steiner Rice – Open My Eyes

Helen Steiner Rice – Show Me the Way to Serve and Love You More

Helen Steiner Rice – A Prayer for Peace

Helen Steiner Rice – Not to Seek, Lord, but to  Share

Henri Nouwen – An Advent Prayer

Henri Nouwen – The Only Necessary Thing: Living a Prayerful Life

Hold my Hand in Weakness

Independence Day Prayer

Jane Crewdson

Jane E. Leeson

Jeremy Taylor

John Baillie: My First Thought

John Calvin

John Philip Newell – Celtic Benediction

John Philip Newell – Awakening Prayer

John Philip Newell – Celtic Treasure

John Philip Newell – Praying With the Earth

Julian of Norwich

Lead Me To Be Sensitive To Others

Martin Luther

Max Lucado

May our “way of looking” become more like yours

Memorial Day Prayer

Mother Teresa

Murphy Marjorie and Patrick Bowman

Nicholas of Flue

Open my eyes and ears

Optina Elders

Patrick’s Breastplate

Paul’s Prayer for Knowing God’s Will

Paul’s Prayer for the Ephesians


Prayer for the Morning, John Calvin and Henry Beveridge

Prayer of Complete Trust in God

Prayer of hope

Prayers for Pastors

Praying the offering of self

Robert Louis Stevenson

Sir Francis Drake

Soren Kirkegaard, Change Us, Day by Day

Submitting All To God

The Martha Prayer

Thomas Aquinas






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Saudi Arabia








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