Monday Prayer

Unsplash:Kalen Emsley
pic courtesy of Unsplash/Kalen Emsley

Dear Lord, help us to hear you.

In the deepest quietest parts of our soul, let us feel your presence.

Forgive us O Lord for not listening, for silencing the Spirit through which you speak to us. Who are we to reject such a gift?

We reach out for you Lord.
We say,
Where are you?
Why are you not here?
Why are you not doing what I need?
Why do you not fulfill my desires?

You are of course, there, within us. Holding us close through the gift of The Spirit, doing what we need not always what we want.

Yet, like children we do not know it. We do not comprehend your Will.

We blind ourselves and do not see.
We deafen ourselves and do not hear.
We silence ourselves and do not speak. We silence Your Spirit and do not hear You.

Help me Lord to pray, meaningfully, deeply, humbly, lovingly, obediently. Help me Lord to hear you in the deepest, quietest part of my soul.

Help me to be silent and hear you, to open my mouth and speak the words you Will, to open my eyes and see the world you want me to see.

-posted in February 2016 Prayer Group by Jennifer King

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