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Stop Complaining About Your Church If You Are Not Giving

Well, the title pretty much says it all. I’m not a pastor. People do donate to my ministry, but we are not a church. So I’m not speaking to the Connect Missions Community in this post. I just know there … Continue reading

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Can We Just Decide God Loves Us?

Recently I heard a sermon that fascinated me. It wasn’t at my church. I was visiting. The preacher was quite engaging. He drew me in with his blunt and down to earth style. His sermon began with talking about the … Continue reading

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You Are An Online Minister

If you are a Jesus follower, then congratulations, you are a minister. God wants to use you to lead others to know Jesus. It is not really an option for you. Hopefully this reality is not a surprise to you. … Continue reading

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I Don’t Need A Sabbath

Almost a year ago, one of our pastors preached a sermon on having a Sabbath. I’m still thinking about it and struggling with it. Good sermon, huh? He talked about Sabbath from a Biblical perspective but also spoke from personal experience. … Continue reading

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Why Read The Bible?

The Bible keeps you from sin or sin keeps you from the Bible.  ~Dwight L. Moody My friend Sean Keogh posted the quote above to Facebook and I was just about to like it. Then I stopped to think about … Continue reading

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Quick! I Need A Bible Study! (4 Ready To Go Bible Studies)

pic courtesy of bing / oxbridgeessay Have you ever run out of ideas for a Bible Study? Maybe you have been asked last minute to do one, with limited direction, and you are trying to decide what to do. Perhaps … Continue reading

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6 Ways to Use Facebook in Your Ministry

A shift is happening in ministry. You may not like it. You may not be participating. However, the fact is Facebook (and other social media sites) are becoming critical environments for ministry. Online ministry allows us to serve more people. … Continue reading

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