You Are The Light Of The World



It is cold.  It is creepy.  It is uncomfortable.  Darkness is unsafe.  It’s risky.  Darkness is dangerous.


It guides.  It points.  Light gives direction.  It gives hope.  It helps.  Light protects.

We think of darkness and light as opposites, as in opposition to each other.  As two forces that should not mix.  But the Bible teaches that light is for darkness, that light is to be present in darkness.

Jesus tells us as his followers that we are the Light of the World!  This means God is calling us to be present in darkness.  We are not called to the safety of light, but rather we are called to be light in darkness.

It is tempting to stay where we are comfortable in lit places.  For some this is necessary for a time.  There is no point in being light in darkness if you are unable to be light there. However, at some point, we are called to leave the light to go to dark places in need of the hope, help, and protection light brings.

Have you been hiding your light?  Is God calling you to go and be light in darkness?  May you have the ears to hear Him and the courage to go where He leads you to go.

What keeps Christians from being light in darkness?  Share your thoughts in the comments section.

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