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Why The Next Step?

Why The Next Step?  Why launch 10 new movements?  What about your existing movements?  No one has openly asked me these questions, but I know they are on your minds.  They are on my mind. Every Christian leader has to … Continue reading

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Thankful for New Orleans

My first time in New Orleans was 2003, when I came down for a summer internship.  It was a great experience.  The beginnings of my relationship with my wife, Michelle, began here.  The church, my host family, and ministry were … Continue reading

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God is Not Fair

One time I was talking to some friends about God and heaven. One person in the group expressed his belief that good people go to heaven.  Everyone else in the group agreed except for me. Awkward I know. I attempted … Continue reading

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Jesus, Guns, and Capital Punishment

About a year and a half ago, I had my world rocked.  I read an article which described four ways Christians often deviate from Jesus’ teachings.  The article was provocatively titled “Why Evangelicals Hate Jesus,” and listed four ways in … Continue reading

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Efficient Discipleship

Recently I did some yard work with my 3 year old son, C. J.  He loves to help so I thought it would be good to involve him. As always, we began with a talk about “safety first,” which he … Continue reading

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