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The Impact Conference

Recently some of our students joined almost 500 college students from around the nation at the Impact Conference, titled Remedy, here in New Orleans.   On the day of outreach, prior to heading out, 30 students from the conference placed … Continue reading

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FamilyLife Mentoring Guide – Biblical Wisdom in Your Pocket

FamilyLife® offers a free, easy-to-use tool for seeking biblical truth and practical wisdom on life’s most common issues. This robust tool includes Scriptures, conversation starters, articles and expert quotes on topics like: the role of husband/wife, parenting prodigals, loneliness, grief/loss, … Continue reading

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Need Met

Thank you to our many supporters that made it possible for us to purchase a new computer for the ministry.  Over $2,000 was raised in about 36 hours!  We really appreciate the many people who make it possible for us … Continue reading

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