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The Tree

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A Going God

One of the amazing things about God to me is that he is moving. He is not content to stay in heaven. No, he is actively involved in our lives.

God loves us. His love is not the kind of love that is only emotional. He did not sit on his throne thinking about how much he loves us. No, he came to earth, through Jesus, and moved into the neighborhood.

When we decide, consciously or otherwise, that we are not interested in him, we begin to walk away. We often find ourselves lost, with a loving shepherd coming after us. Scripture also describes God as a loving Father looking for us to return home, ready to run and tackle us in a hug as soon as he sees us turning back.

Before Jesus ascended into heaven, he told his disciples to GO. He also told them they would be his “witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.” He doesn’t give the option. He says “You will be my witnesses…”

God is active. His love moves him to show it to his creation. It requires His Church to be on the move as well.

He is a Going God. He expects his people to be a Going Church.

What does it look like to be the Church in light of us serving a Going God?

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Bless Me, Heavenly Father

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Bless me, heavenly Father, forgive my erring ways.

Grant me strength to serve Thee, put purpose in my days.

Give me understanding, enough to make me kind so I may judge all people with my heart and not my mind.

Teach me to be patient in everything I do, content to trust your wisdom and to follow after You.

Help me when I falter and hear me when I pray, and receive me in Thy kingdom to dwell with Thee someday.

~ My Prayer – Helen Steiner Rice, on the wings of a prayer

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Are You Really Hearing from God?

“God is calling me to move across the country and go to seminary,” he told me.

I replied, “Really? What’s her name?”

While my friend was planning to move to a place he had never been before for Jesus, there also happened to be a girl involved. I’m sure he really felt something on the inside. I’m not sure if it was from God, at least not in the way we normally think about such things. :)

You will have to excuse my skepticism, but when someone throws the “God card”, I start to question the decision. I know, technically (and in most cases this is what happens), when someone says, “God told me,” we aren’t really allowed to question it. After all, “God told them to do it.”

From my experience with people though, we tend to overuse the “God card”. Many times it is just something we want to do and we invite God to join us in what we are going to do anyways. I’d suggest we not overuse the “God card”. He doesn’t appreciate it.

Now that I have upset the people who walk around throwing “God told me…” on a daily basis, I’d like to speak to those of us on the other end. You know who you are. You don’t really believe God speaks to people at all, ever.

I understand. With so many people feeling God has called them to do stupid things and sometimes even sinful things, it is tempting to just give God the stiff-arm whenever it comes to daily communication. We sometimes hide behind Scripture, as if that is the only way God can speak to us. Unfortunately, this attitude is not Biblical.

God is alive. He has things to say to us and he has things for us to do. As we become attuned to the Holy Spirit, we are able to discern what is from him and what is just our own thoughts and desires.

I speak as a learner in this area, not as an expert. However, God has placed people in my life that are experts (compared to me). And no, they don’t overuse the “God card” but they don’t run from it either.

So tell me. How do you determine if you are really hearing from God? Tell me in the comments section.


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Jeremiah 29:13

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